The Important Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Leader, in a Team Sport!

What is Required for Someone to be a Leader in a Team Sport (In a Nutshell)

  • A person who must put the team before themselves.
  • Someone that has their feet placed firmly on the ground.
  • Makes every person around them better players and people.
  • Ensures that their teammates perform to their optimum level.
  • Must realise that winning isn’t everything, as maximizing performance and endeavour should be the goal.
  • Willing to sacrifice any individual recognition and/or accolades below that of the team and subsequently their teammates.

Being a Good Leader in a Team Sport (The Nitty Gritty)

  • It’s essential that a leader has a strong character.
  • Willing to take risks, when they are needed and be courageous when called upon.
  • Think laterally, left of centre and initiate alterations when the team requires them.
  • Never give up until it’s mathematically impossible to win!
  • True to themselves.
  • Stick to their convictions, even during adversity and be resilient in tough times.
  • Treat other people in the same manner irrespective of money and/or status.
  • A person that it’s driven by goals.

The Don’ts of Being a Leader in a Team Sport (Turning Points)

  • Don’t think that everyone is perfect; perfection is impossible.
  • Generally, can’t be inexperienced as a leader in order to succeed as one in a team sport.
  • Almost need an internship in leadership, before been given the title.
  • Can’t be direct, stubborn and forceful.
  • De-motivated by failure; focus too much on results.
  • Can’t tolerate personal attacks, belligerent and dogmatic people.
  • Highly independent, therefore network opportunities can be lost.
  • Overcomplicate things.
  • Believe winning is everything.

Being a Leader in a Team Sport (Final Thoughts)

  • If it was simple to be a successful leader in Team Sport it would be considered elementary.
  • Someone has to lose; losing is perceived by society as failure in relation to team sport.
  • Must show patience, be calm and endeavour to stay amicable with teammates.
  • It’s only natural that people have disagreements; meet halfway.
  • There has to be constant flexibility in game plans in Team Sport.
  • “Courage is not the absence of fear- it’s inspiring others to move beyond it.”



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