A-League Review- Matchweek 20 (Season 2020-21)

Facts and Figures

Goals Scored: There were 21 goals in eight games, which is an average of 2.63 goals per game!
Clean Sheets: Six out of 16 times a team that played kept a clean sheet. That’s 37.5% of times a team played they didn’t concede a goal, for the 2nd Matchweek in a row.
Draws: There were three draws in the eight matches.
Matchweek 20 (In a Nutshell): There were eight matches that took place in Matchweek 20. In two out of the five matches where a team claimed all three points, they had less possession than their opposition. Here’s the Matchweek 20 A-League Review!

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Carlo Ancelotti- Football Coach

Carlo Ancelotti- Football Coach (In a Nutshell)

  • Carlo Ancelotti was born in Italy on June 10th, 1959.
  • He played as a midfielder who played for Parma, Roma, Milan and Italy.
  • He has Coached Reggina, Parma, Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Napoli and Everton, who he is currently Coaching.
  • “This is what a good manager does – you study and think and discuss, and you come up with a model of playing.”- Carlo Ancelotti
  • “I’m in favour of innovation, just as long as the game does not suffer for it.”- Carlo Ancelotti

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Hugo Lloris- Footballer

Hugo Lloris- Footballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Hugo Lloris was born in France on December 26th, 1986.
  • Goalkeeper that captains Tottenham and France.
  • In his youth he played for Nice from 1997 until 2005.
  • “Football is about the team, and every player is ready to help the team.”- Hugo Lloris
  • “It’s important to take every game seriously, whatever the competition is.”- Hugo Lloris
  • “I started out with a tennis racquet. Later, during one the breaks we got from tennis. I started playing football with my friends. I was only five years old.”- Hugo Lloris

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