Football Team

Football Team- What it consists of?

  • The name of the team.
  • The owner and board that the team is made up of.
  • The people that normally do the recruiting, assist with team selection; football director and the Coach.
  • There’s the Coaching staff that’s made up of the Coach and their assistants.
  • At the end of the day the Coach is the person that gets the accolades/blame.
  • A football team can’t exist financially without fans.
  • Players are essential.
  • Everyone needs to continue to evolve; technology is now an important part of football.

The Owner- What it comprises of?

  • Someone that has the best interests of the football club at heart.
  • They must have a sufficient amount of money to invest as that is an imperative part of running a football team. Without money a professional football team can’t exist.
  • It has to be owned by a person/group of people for the right reasons.
  • It’s not essential, but they should be a good judge of people. If the people involved in the football team are all on the same page it helps.

 The Board- What it Entails?

  • The board of a sporting team can override everyone else, with the exception of the owner.
  • They need to have a clear vision.
  • It’s impossible to always be on the same page. A collaborative decision must always be made. The best interests of the football club must be the priority.
  • The appointment of a football director and Coach that fit in with the club culture and values must be implemented.
  • At times they need to make ruthless decisions and rethink whether that person is the right fit.

Football Director/Coach- What they need to know/do?

  • They need to work together in order for the football team to be successful.
  • The players that are recruited must be in the squad for the right reasons.
  • Selecting the team isn’t all about who can kick a ball; the players mentality needs to be right.
  • It’s not essential that they have played the game, but they need to have a knowledge of the basics of football.
  • The football director generally assists in team selection.
  • A Coach usually gets judged on results and should be endearing.

Players- What is needed from them?

  • They are essential in order for football to run, as they determine whether a team is watchable and worth following.
  • They need to get on with the other players and staff. That doesn’t mean they need to socialise with them, but they must be at the very least amicable with everyone else.
  • A player has to be fit and injury free.
  • Be proficient at the role that they play. That can range from being a 90 minute midfielder who never stops working to an impact player off the bench.

Football Team (Final Thoughts)

  • First and foremost a football club needs fans and sponsors that provide revenue for the club.
  • The owner of the club must have sufficient money to invest in the football team.
  • We live in the digital era; tv deals and gambling sponsorship keeps the sport as a whole going.
  • It’s all about sticking together and having a common interest, which is the football team.
  • At the end of the day without fans, there would be no revenue.
  • Football couldn’t exist without players as they are the product.









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