Football Player

Football Player (In a Nutshell)

  • Football is a team sport; do what’s best for the team. A football player must be selfless and have a team first attitude.
  • Have the skills that are needed to play the game. For example, a goalkeeper needs to be agile and have good distribution skills and a striker should score goals.
  • A player must have an optimum level of humility and belief to play their given role within the team.
  • Never take anything for granted; a football player is only as good as their last game.

Have a Strong Character

  • There’s so much abuse going around from people on social media. A footballer must be able to cope with this as its imperative.
  • Cope with the training requirements and put all negative thoughts out of your mind.
  • Without being mentally strong you can’t be a football player at a professional level.
  • Have the capability to cope with media criticism of your performance.
  • It’s impossible to play a good game every time you step out on the park. A football player must accept that.

What other Characteristics you need to be a Football Player?

  • It’s self-explanatory that to be a football player you need to have the capability to play your given role.
  • Apply yourself properly; be able to be switched on when you get your opportunity to play.
  • You must have the aptitude from a football perspective to make the correct decisions. Ranging from choosing between passing the ball and shooting, to making a run to create space for a teammate.

Football Player (Final Thoughts)

  • Have the right state of mind to play at the top level.
  • Stay amicable with other people that make up the club; don’t have to be best friends, but harmonious.
  • Not overwork when on the pitch; play your role within the team as instructed by the Coach.
  • Prepare well and always endeavour to improve every aspect of your game.
  • Remember that a football player is the product. A football player must take that into with every decision they make ranging from their diet to their behaviour in media interviews.







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