Traits a Football Team should Possess in order to be Successful!


  • The aim of a football team should be to score more goals than their opposition.
  • That’s what they must have in order to be a successful team.

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Who Should Select the Players in a Football Team

Selection of Players in Football (In a Nutshell)

  • The entire squad should be in the fray to be selected.
  • When the team is winning then that doesn’t necessarily mean changes shouldn’t be made.
  • The performance of a player is more important than winning; it’s about building a culture.
  • Endeavour when given the opportunity to play should be a factor.
  • Training form should come into account; practice makes perfect.
  • The Board should have a say in team selection as they control the finances etc.
  • The Director of Football and Coaches should decide.

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Football Team

Football Team- What it consists of?

  • The name of the team.
  • The owner and board that the team is made up of.
  • The people that normally do the recruiting, assist with team selection; football director and the Coach.
  • There’s the Coaching staff that’s made up of the Coach and their assistants.
  • At the end of the day the Coach is the person that gets the accolades/blame.
  • A football team can’t exist financially without fans.
  • Players are essential.
  • Everyone needs to continue to evolve; technology is now an important part of football.

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