Sport is a Business

What Keeps Sport Alive?

There are many different parties that are pivotal in keeping the industry afloat. From the players, who are the product, to the fans who are the consumers. There are also the referees/umpires, coaches, football managers, board members, staff. Last but not least there are the broadcasters and even sports psychologists! Broadcasters and the board members of the given sport have resulted in sport ultimately becoming commercialized.

Technology negative impact on Sport!

Tennis and cricket have brought in the ‘Hawke Eye’ technology system. The reason for this is to adjudicate a decision and eradicate the human error in the decision-making process. However, mistakes can occur and technology isn’t full proof! In football, the VAR has been brought in to prevent the wrong decision from occurring. For a decision made by the referee to be overturned the error has to be ‘clear and obvious.’ What is ‘clear and obvious?’ There is still a person deciding whether the original decision should be overturned based on VAR footage.

People Running Sport/Sports Teams Need to Know about Sport; the Basics of it!

Sometimes people that run the product don’t have a passion for it. This must be a ‘genuine’ interest in the industry. The problem is that sport has gradually become more about money than old fashioned enjoyment. Being successful in business doesn’t guarantee that the owner will run their club effectively. Unfortunately, in football in particular, the clubs can’t survive without owners! The old adage that ‘money talks’ rings true! This is in relation to the manner in which the sporting industry has been run recently.

Sport Needs Money to Survive!

Broadcast deals are pivotal to the survival of sport. Sport can now be viewed through various apps, ie on phones etc! who would have thought that would happen? The introduction of online gaming and fantasy sports are symptomatic of sport being a business! Internet gambling is advertised frequently throughout sporting events! This can lead to serious ramifications for families as it’s impulsive! This is a part of the reason why the ‘culture’ of sport has been geared towards a win at all costs mentality! Ironically, ‘innovation’ is responsible for the decline in core values!

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