AFL Merged Team- Alphabetical Order (Team Four of Six): Season 2023: Pre-draft

AFL Merged Team Four (Hawthorn Hawks, Melbourne Demons, North Melbourne Kangaroos – Six players per team)

B: James Sicily (Hawthorn, co-captain), Ben McKay (North Melbourne, co-captain), Blake Hardwick (Hawthorn)
HB: Angus Brayshaw (Melbourne, co-captain), Steven May (Melbourne), Tarryn Thomas (North Melbourne)
C: Lachie Hunter (Melbourne), Jai Newcombe (Hawthorn), Darcy Tucker (North Melbourne)
HF: Christian Petracca (Melbourne), Nick Larkey (North Melbourne), Dylan Moore (Hawthorn)
FF: Bayley Fritsch (Melbourne), Mitch Lewis (Hawthorn), Cam Zurhaar (North Melbourne)
Foll: Ned Reeves (Hawthorn), Clayton Oliver (Melbourne), Jy Simpkin (North Melbourne)

Coach: Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn)

AFL Merged Team Four: Alphabetical Order (AFL- Season 2023)- Team by Team:

Hawthorn: Blake Hardwick, Mitch Lewis, Dylan Moore, Jai Newcombe, Ned Reeves, James Sicily (co-captain)
Melbourne: Angus Brayshaw (co-captain), Bayley Fritsch, Lachie Hunter, Steven May, Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca
North Melbourne: Nick Larkey, Ben McKay (co-captain), Jy Simpkin, Tarryn Thomas, Darcy Tucker, Cam Zurhaar


James Sicily won the Best and Fairest for Hawthorn in season 2022.
Ben McKay will be a pivotal part of the North Melbourne defence in season 2023.
Blake Hardwick finished fourth in the Hawthorn Best and Fairest in season 2022.


Angus Brayshaw will continue to get better in season 2023.
Steven May was selected in the AFL All-Australian team in season 2022.
Tarryn Thomas should benefit from a change of role in season 2023.


Lachie Hunter will be a revelation at Melbourne in season 2023.
Jai Newcombe finished second in the Hawthorn Best and Fairest in season 2022.
Darcy Tucker should benefit from getting game time at North Melbourne in season 2023.


Christian Petracca should prove a valuable asset to Melbourne in season 2023.
Nick Larkey is a player that North Melbourne rely heavily on.
Dylan Moore finished third in the Hawthorn Best and Fairest in season 2022.


Bayley Fritsch averaged the 13th most goals of any player in the AFL in season 2022. He averaged 2.29 goals per game.
Mitch Lewis finished sixth in the Hawthorn best and fairest last season. That’s despite only playing 15 games.
Cam Zurhaar averaged the second most goals of any North Melbourne player in season 2022. He averaged 1.79 goals per game in 19 games.


Ned Reeves averaged the sixth most hit-outs of any ruckman in the AFL last season. He averaged 26.92 hit-outs in 12 games. He will be the number ruckman at Hawthorn, because Ben McEvoy has retired.
Clayton Oliver was selected in the AFL All-Australian team in season 2022.
Jy Simpkin won the Best and Fairest for North Melbourne last season.


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