Evolving is due to Continual Improvisation!

“Abstract Mixture”

  • Think outside of the box; laterally.
  • It requires some methodical thinking combined with unplanned ideas.
  • Intelligence is an “Abstract” concept.
  • If a person can’t substantiate something, but they are right in the end, that constitutes that being “Abstract.”
  • There must be a “Mixture” of planning and making decisions that can’t backed up.
  • Success isn’t an exact science.


  • It’s imperative that an individual change their plan in different situations.
  • Decisions have to be modified.
  • Go with the flow.
  • Nothing stays the same; challenges are infinite as perfection is unattainable, predominantly.

“Ambiguous Improvisation”

  • Something that’s not clear cut.
  • Decisions must be made, at times, without a systematic plan.
  • “Improvisation” refers to something that has no definitive strategy.
  • It’s the gift of changing when there’s pressure on, due to it the original plan not working.

“Courageous Ambition”

“Enthusiastic Courage”

“Intense Determination”

“New Beginnings”

  • If something is a fresh idea without worrying about failure you can’t lose.



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