Ignoring the Danger of Failure

Be Prepared to have Difficulties

  • Be willing to have knock backs.
  • It’s essential that you are bold.
  • Don’t be deterred if you have failed in the past.
  • If you admire other people that have failed and rebounded then you are bound to be inspired.
  • Bumps in the road are practically inevitable.
  • Don’t have regrets as you can’t change the past.
  • Be positive, but in a sensible manner.

Make Sure you Pursue what you are Passionate about

  • You must base your pursuit of what you are chasing on your ability and the manner in which things have transpired, even if they’re not all positive or a favourable result.
  • Even if you don’t succeed you will enjoy the journey!
  • It will bring hope, inspiration and meaning to your journey that you wouldn’t have had without it.
  • You will be content within yourself.
  • Everyday you feel inspired and at the same time be appreciative.

Following what Inspires ‘you’ isn’t a Contest

  • It will develop your courage and resilience as ‘you’ may be the only person that believes what you are passionate about can come to fruition.
  • Bringing about change can be a lonely journey, but at the same time a fulfilling one.
  • As long as ‘you’ are true to yourself it doesn’t matter how popular you are or whether you have encountered failure along the way.

Stick to the Moral Qualities that Make ‘you,’ ‘you,’ Irrespective of if you are a Success or Failure!

  • Maintain transparency; what ‘you’ see is what ‘you’ get.
  • What drives ‘you’ should not deviate.
  • Be honest and maintain strong moral principles.
  • It’s impossible to control every outcome; failure or what society deems to be failure are almost inevitable.
  • Sometimes ‘you’ learn more from losing than you do from winning or being what is deemed by society to be a success.
  • The only person that ‘you’ need to impress is yourself.

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