What makes someone or something Successful?

What Mindset is Needed to be a Success?

  • There is always scope for improvement.
  • In any endeavour in life the challenge isn’t to pursue the inconceivable, but to rise above the ignorance, injustice and hypocrisy within society. Expectation has no ceiling. Therefore, it’s imperative to set lofty goals in order to maximise a person/organizations potential.
  • A person can only control their own actions and emotions.
  • It’s important not to have your emotions triggered by results.

What Mission Statement is Essential?

To put minimum emotion into decision making, while staying true to yourself. What this ensures is that those choices that are made ultimately are made are unmerciful, while still having an authentic state of mind. Effectively you have to be looking to maximise your potential in every aspect of your life. By endeavouring to make a difference to change the world. This can vary from simply making someone’s day better to being innovative and making critical decisions.

Are Results on Paper Everything?

In today’s society human being get judged on results on paper. Talent and ability bare little relevance. Unfortunately, we live in a superficial, image driven society. Some people can go the majority of their lives without being what society deems as successful; which are results on paper. Then, suddenly they can make a break through and eventually become what society classes as success. Colonel Sanders, the creator of KFC was 65 when he finally broke through!

Society Judges Human Beings on Results; What does this mean?

People often concentrate on short term gains. An example of this would be the manner in which sporting teams recruit. Many teams concentrate on winning in the short term. Ultimately long-term growth should be the goal of any individual or organisation. For a period of sustained success patience is a virtue. The people with the highest emotional intelligence are predominantly those that go on to make a success of their lives. These are often individuals that are able to overcome adversity and tough periods in life.



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