Winning and Losing

Why Performance and Endeavour should be the Priority!

  • All you can ask of a person or organization is to try their best.
  • It’s all about getting the best out of yourself.
  • Keeping your feet on the ground should be all that matters; the best display can only be achieved if you have scope for growth.
  • Being humble doesn’t mean you can’t have belief; on the other end of the spectrum you can achieve your optimum level if you aren’t arrogant.
  • Maximum performance to any endeavour in life is all that matters.

The Importance of Winning 

  • Winning can build belief in one’s self.
  • If you win then it gives you the confidence that you can win again.
  • It can become a habit.
  • Winning is like a drug, but it doesn’t have detrimental repercussions.
  • It’s often perceived that someone that wins in sport, in business or in life is successful.
  • People like to emulate winning people, organizations and teams.
  • Winning can be inspirational; an example would be Leicester City winning the Premier League in the 2015/16 Season; as long something is possible, attempt it!

Why Losing can be a good thing?

  • Put simply losing can make a person, organization or team humble.
  • Losing can force alterations to be made, which wouldn’t have occurred had a win occurred; the changes made may lead to winning in the future.
  • Losing can be okay if a person or organization perform at their optimum level. That can lead to future success as no one in the world is perfect.

Does the Result Matter?

  • The result is relevant to some extent because it can help boost a person or organizations self-esteem, galvanise and inspire people.
  • Winning at all costs that matters to some people or organizations, which is bad.
  • Losing can motivate a person or organization to win, as losing can hurt at times.
  • If a team/person doesn’t win, but performs to their optimum level, that’s all that can be asked of them.

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