Premier League Pecking Order – Matchweek 13 (Premier League Season 2020-21)

Premier League Pecking Order- Matchweek 13 (Premier League Season 2020/21- In a Nutshell)

The pecking order is based on the performance of the Premier League teams during the given Matchweek; on this occasion, it’s Matchweek 13. No one had the week off, which meant all 20 Premier League teams featured. The Premier League Pecking Order starts with the 20th team (worst performed team) on the Pecking Order and finishes with the 1st team (best performed team) on the Pecking Order.

20- Tottenham

Tottenham continued to let teams dominate them with just 24.2% possession for the match! They allowed Liverpool too dictate the tempo of the match and control the balance of play. Simply, Tottenham were outclassed and lost the contest in the 90th minute, which would dent their spirit. It was poor tactics from them, as they kept playing their counter attacking football. Against a team like Liverpool, it’s risk, reward. You are better off risking losing by more than playing the way Tottenham played.

19- West Brom

West Brom were completely outplayed, but like Tottenham, West Brom had the wrong tactics. They had just 22.8% possession against Manchester City. The fact that West Brom did manage to score a goal just papers over the cracks. They managed to salvage a point thanks to goalkeeper Sam Johnstone, having the match of his life! It doesn’t excuse the manner in which they played against Manchester City. To simplify everything, they showed Manchester City too much respect.

18- Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace managed to salvage a draw in what was a fairly monotonous match against West Ham. The fact that both teams had just two shots on target sums the match up (in a nutshell). It’s a match that Crystal Palace should have been desperate to claim all three points in. Instead they appeared to be content with a draw.

17- West Ham

West Ham played an average style of football, in a match they would’ve viewed as winnable on paper. They finished the match with slightly more possession than Crystal Palace. It was a match that should’ve produced more than two shots on target from West Ham. They had one more shot than Crystal Palace. It was an even contest, which West Ham claimed a point through a moment of brilliance from Sébastien Haller.

16- Fulham

Fulham would be disappointed in the way they approached the match against Brighton and Hove Albion. There’s no doubting that Fulham would’ve viewed matchweek 13 as a winnable one. They did finish the match with four goals on target. There wasn’t much separating the two teams, but Brighton and Hove Albion were the better team, just!

15- Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton and Hove Albion put in a typical Brighton and Hove Albion performance. They had more possession than their opposition and finished the match with four shots on target. There were a few nearly moments for them, in terms of being close to scoring. That’s why they were ranked one spot ahead of Fulham; they were slightly more threatening than them. This match summed up Brighton and Hove Albion’s season as they weren’t good enough in the key moments.

14- Leicester City

Leicester City come up against an Everton team to put simply, were too good for them. The fact that Leicester City had 61% possession, but had just two shots on target. They were outclassed by their opposition and weren’t good enough when the match was on the line. The first goal that Everton scored through Richarlison summed the match up. It was a goal that Kasper Schmeichel would normally save, as he is a top class goalkeeper. Also, Jamie Vardy missed a goal shortly after, which meant that Leicester City suffered a deserved 2-nil loss.

13- Arsenal

Arsenal bizarrely didn’t give Alexandre Lacazette and Willian any game time. They were on the substitutes bench so they weren’t injured. Despite that, Arsenal played some reasonable football and salvaged a draw and could have won the match. They only had 35.2% possession. That wasn’t a surprise; given they were down to ten men for the majority of the 2nd half. They are in the conversation when it comes to relegation.

12- Chelsea

Chelsea came up against a Wolves team that were slightly better than them in the key moments. It was an exciting match played at a high tempo. It was 2nd loss in a row for Chelsea in the Premier League. There are some tactical decisions that have been to the detriment of the team as a whole. Substituting Olivier Giroud off in the 70th minute after he had scored was the wrong move.

11- Southampton

Southampton played some reasonable football, but they would be disappointed they didn’t get all three points. Like Chelsea, there were some tactical changes that weren’t the correct ones. Substituting Theo Walcott off, despite scoring Southampton’s only goal of the match, impacted the team’s system and rhythm.

10- Newcastle United

Newcastle United scored the opening goal of the match. It was a clever assist by Callum Wilson who has been Newcastle United’s best player this season. The fact that the score was 2-all is the 77th minute showed they weren’t completely outplayed. They just came up against a Leeds United team that attack vigorously. The fact that Newcastle United inevitable lost the match, in the end comprehensively doesn’t tell the full story. Credit to Leeds United for playing so well.

9- Burnley

Burnley were unfortunate that they played against a team that were in good form. That team was Aston Villa. The tactics implemented from Aston Villa were exemplary. Burnley did well to finish the match with four shots on target from six shots. Nick Pope was the most important player on the pitch. Burnley seemed more confident the last two matches with Pope on form. The match was exciting even though no goals were scored.

8- Sheffield United

Sheffield United played extremely well. They can still avoid relegation if they can prove that their performance against Manchester United wasn’t an aberration. They took the lead early and were unlucky to leave the match empty handed. They finished with six shots on target to Manchester United’s eight.

7- Wolves

Wolves played some quality football. That’s a clear indicator that they should finish in the top half of the Premier League Table. They showed plenty of character as they trailed 1-nil and managed to come back and take all three points. Their passing was crisp and accurate in what was a fairly even contest. They managed to score the winning goal in the 95th minute.

6- Manchester United

Manchester United put in a performance which displayed plenty of character. They conceded a goal from an error by Dean Henderson, who played in place of David de Gea. Ironically when the score was 3-2, Dean Henderson pulled off a world class save in the 91st minute. The difference between the two teams was probably Marcus Rashford who scored a brace. It was a performance that Manchester United have become accustomed to, away from home. They conceded the 1st goal, but fought back.

5- Manchester City

Manchester City played some good football. They dominated the match against West Brom. The fact that Manchester City had 77.2% possession and had seven of 26 shots on target says it all. The endeavour to attack and win was clear to see from their perspective. They were unfortunate that the opposition’s goalkeeper, Sam Johnstone, had an outstanding match.

4- Everton

Everton were well coached; the tactics implemented by them worked well. It’s great to see Gylfi Sigurdsson captaining the team. He appears from the outside looking in to be a great leader. They have won their last two matches with him as captain. The fact that they had just 39% possession, but had six shots on target says it all. They were simply more efficient than Leicester City in the key moments.

3- Aston Villa

Aston Villa played some outstanding football. They finished the match with a total of 27 shots, with seven shots on target. They did everything they could to score. They failed to hit the back of the net, somehow. It wasn’t a reflection on their tactics or the way they played.

2- Leeds United

Leeds United have arguably been the best team to watch this Premier League Season. The way in which they implemented the coach’s tactics in Matchweek 13 says it all. They won a game 5-2, that was in the balance until the final few minutes. Every team should play with the same attacking intent that Leeds United play with. It’s not always going to pay off, but that’s the risk that must be taken. They conceded two goals, but scored five, which sums them up (in a nutshell).

1- Liverpool

Liverpool were back to performing in the same manner that they did last Premier League Season. Remarkably they controlled a match for its entirety against a Tottenham team considered title aspirants. The fact that Liverpool had more than three quarters of the possession effectively says a lot. They also finished the match with 11 shots on target, which told the story. They appeared to be back to their best and were subsequently rewarded with three points. On another day, they may have won the game comfortably, but that’s football.

Premier League Pecking Order- Matchweek 13 (Premier League Season 2020/21- Final Thoughts)

It was an entertaining Matchweek 13 of the Premier League, which can be substantiated by the Pecking Order. There were five draws in the ten games that were played! In two out of five matches the winning team had less possession than the losing team! Five out of 20 teams, which equates to 25% of teams that didn’t concede a goal. In Matchweek 12 one of the top five teams won. Contrastingly, three of the top five teams in the Matchweek 13 Pecking order, won.

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