Is it a Positive or a Negative to be Passive

Being Passive (In a Nutshell)

  • Someone that generally does what other people want them to do.
  • Easily influenced by other individuals’ beliefs.
  • Find it difficult to make a decisive call based on their own, without anyone influencing the way that the path they choose to take.
  • It’s a mindset that can mean that a person places priority on avoiding conflict in any endeavour in life.

Being Passive (Positives)

Being Passive (Negatives)

Being Passive (Final Thoughts)

  • A person who is willing to forgo animosity and resentment towards their fellow human being. 
  • It’s essential to not be overly passive as you can forgo your core principles.
  • Without a shadow of a doubt a person shouldn’t be 100% passive.
  • Sometimes a difference opinion can be good, which is more likely to occur if someone isn’t passive.
  • Being mildly passive is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t impact your self esteem and core principles as well as values.





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