Resilient (In a Nutshell)

Why being Resilient can be a Positive 

  • It’s a person that is calm, relaxed and immune to detrimental repercussions that tough times and negative external forces can bring.
  • From adversity comes strength.
  • They are generally people/organization that are patient and can cope with tough times.
  • The type of person that realises you can only control certain aspects of life.
  • It’s someone that’s adaptable to cope with pretty much anything life throws at them.

Why being Too Resilient can be a Negative 

  • Resist change; whether it be a job, relationship, friends and financially.
  • People tolerate adversity too much, when alterations or tweaks are essential.
  • It prevents a person from reaching their optimum level.
  • It can ensure that negative people are a constant in your life.

Resilient (Final Thoughts)

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