Is it a Positive or a Negative to have a Strong Character?

Having a Strong Character (In a Nutshell)

  • A person that makes up their own mind and executes decisions based on their gut feel.
  • Someone who’s decision making process doesn’t waver.
  • An individual that dares to dream and an unfathomable belief in themselves.
  • It takes courage to have a strong character.
  • Ruthless in the manner in which they approach any given task.
  • A person that realizes change is inevitable.
  • Patience is the key to being successful in anything in life, which is a characteristic of an individual that has a strong character.

Having a Strong Character (Positives)

Having a Strong Character (Negatives)

  • Can have the tendency to be stubborn.
  • A person that can be misconstrued as being self opinionated.
  • A chance of a person clashing with other people’s personalities, which could hinder relationships.

Having a Strong Character (Final Thoughts)

One thought on “Is it a Positive or a Negative to have a Strong Character?”

  1. Positive and negatives are two aspects of a your mind.Its up to you which one you are utilizing and in which way

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