Bullying (In a Nutshell)

What is Bullying?

  • Targeting an individual by endeavouring to make them feel belittled and fearful.
  • Mocking someone due to race or religion.
  • Physical bullying comprises of deliberately hitting another human being.
  • Verbal bullying is a type of bullying where a person endeavours to provoke someone in an insulting fashion.
  • Psychological bullying is made up of a few types of issues: Leaving out an individual from a group, deliberately. Instigating rumours. Not including a person in a conversation.
  • Cyberbullying- Predominantly bullying through social media; the most cowardly and anonymous form of bullying.

Why would someone bully? 

  • A desire to improve their social status.
  • Someone that has a low self esteem as they are cowardly.
  • A person who doesn’t recognise their behaviour of being out of the ordinary.
  • It can give someone a sense of power.
  • There are times that people bully others due to peer pressure.

How to Assist a Person Being bullied?

  • Start a conversation about the teasing.
  • Put the bullying in perspective.
  • Tell them the person bullying them is a coward.
  • Would you treat the bully in the manner in which they treat you?
  • Was the bullying done with malicious intent.
  • Enquire as to how you felt when the person went about bullying.
  • Is that the manner in which the bully would normally behave to other people.

How to Eradicate bullying? 

  • Keeping quiet; the person bullying you will inevitable get tired of it.
  • A bully is likely to look for another victim if you tackle them of immediate effect.
  • Find someone who you trust to communicate about the bullying you have endured.
  • Diminish the bully’s power, by standing up to the bully.
  • Make it clear that the manner in which the bully behaves is unacceptable.
  • Realise that inevitably the only person that can control your thoughts is you.

One thought on “Bullying (In a Nutshell)”

  1. Great read, though through experience not responding seldom makes them get bored. They are generally narcissistic and so push until they get a response, though not expecting when their victim responds with aggression, though aggression should not be an answer.

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