Adversity (In a Nutshell) 

  • A scenario that is tough to overcome.
  • Can be as simple as being unlucky.
  • All a person can do is perform to their optimum level.
  • The only certainties in life are death and taxes!
  • Having to deal with adversity builds character.
  • It challenges a person to persevere or change tact.
  • In a sporting sense, adversity can either be losing a game or a player being injured.
  • As far as everyday life is concerned, adversity can be losing a job, a relationship, money or being ill.

Why Adversity can Bring About Strength 

  • It forces you to test yourself; without facing adversity you can’t grow as a person.
  • Having to cope with adversity can make a person humble; without humility nothing can be achieved as a person can’t reach their potential.
  • As far as sport’s concerned adversity can force a team or person to make alterations that need to be made in order to be successful.
  • It’s inevitable that situations don’t always go according to plan.

Why Adversity can Break you

  • Endeavour and ability can be at their maximum level, but situations still may not go a person’s or organization’s way.
  • It can cause a person or organization to lose belief and confidence.
  • Adversity can lead to a task appearing to be insurmountable and a person or organization giving up.

Adversity (Final Thoughts)

  • Adversity should be embraced.
  • The past should only be relevant if it makes a person or organization stronger.
  • In order to make a success of the future changes or tweaks must be made. Adversity can force these alterations to occur.
  • It’s okay to face tough times as they predominantly make a person or organization more resilient and successful in the long run.


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