What makes you Stand out from the Pack

Your Setbacks are What Make you!

  • Be true to yourself; even if you have been a failure, in the long run you will succeed.
  • You may have a vision that other people don’t agree with; don’t let it deter you from chasing your dreams.

What Scares you?

  • Is it the way in which other people perceive you or is it lack of assurance?
  • Do you continue on the same path after encountering a thing that prevents or hinders your progress?
  • It may be presenting to a large amount of people that intimidates you more than expressing yourself to someone who you are comfortable with; this fear must be the same for both in order to “Stand out from the Pack!”
  • Are you willing to go out of your comfort zone and make alterations to your vision?

What Gives you Belief?

  • Do you take charge of your social and emotional wellbeing?
  • You must have a conscious knowledge of your character and feelings and what causes them to be that way.
  • Are you a person that has self-understanding and self-acceptance; the manner in which you perceive yourself must be at an optimum level, but not one of arrogance.
  • Your vision must have no limits.

Should You Need to Evaluate Yourself Before you make a Decision:

  • Be relaxed
  • Think about the consequences.
  • Don’t be impulsive; give yourself time to think and take a break.
  • Seek other opinions from genuine people.
  • If you need to research about a decision, do so.
  • Sometimes not assessing yourself and it will appear more straight forward to reach the finish line even if you fail and don’t reach the destination.
  • Make the best decision at that given point in time; it may be something as simple as taking a break!


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