Premier League Matchweek 21 Review (Season 2023/24)

Facts and Figures

Goals Scored: There were 30 goals in ten matches.
Clean Sheets: Seven out of 20 teams that played kept a clean sheet.
Draws: There were five draws in ten matches!
Matchweek 21 (In a Nutshell): In four out of five matches, where a team claimed three points the winning team had more possession than their opponents! Find out what transpired in Matchweek 21.

Game One of Ten

Burnley (1) v Luton Town (1)
Facts and Figures: Burnley had 38.5% possession and seven shots on target, compared with Luton Town who had five. There was a controversial goal scored by Carlton Morris in the 92nd minute for Luton Town, as Burnley goalkeeper, James Trafford was possibly fouled. At the end of the day the goal stood.

Game Two of Ten

Chelsea (1) v Fulham (0)
Facts and Figures: Chelsea had 55.1% possession and three shots on target, while Fulham had four. The only goal was scored from the penalty spot by Cole Palmer from the penalty spot in first half stoppage time.

Game Three of Ten

Newcastle United (2) v Manchester City (3)
Facts and Figures: Manchester City had 72.6% possession and 11 shots on target, compared with Newcastle United who had five. Newcastle United fought back from trailing 1-nil to be ahead 2-1 in the 37th minute, through two goals in two minutes. The game changed when Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City was brought on and he delivered a cracking goal and a sublime assist.

Game Four of Ten

Everton (0) v Aston Villa (0)
Facts and Figures: Everton had 31.3% possession and two shots on target, while Aston Villa had five.

Game Five of Ten

Manchester United (2) v Tottenham Hotspur (2)
Facts and Figures: Manchester United had 36.3% possession and two shots on target, compared with Tottenham Hotspur who had six. It was an entertaining game to watch, as most Tottenham  games are. It was the first start for Timo Werner of Tottenham Hotspur and he provided an assist for the goal scored by Rodrigo Bentancur.

Game Six of Ten

Arsenal (5) v Crystal Palace (0)
Facts and Figures: Arsenal had 60.6% possession and six shots on target, while Crystal Palace had five. It was a comprehensive win for Arsenal. Gabriel Martinelli came off the bench and scored a brace, with both goals coming within a minute in second half stoppage time.

Game Seven of Ten

Brentford (3) v Nottingham Forest (2)
Facts and Figures: Brentford had 48% possession and five shots on target, compared with Nottingham Forest who had three. It was an entertaining game of football. Ivan Toney of Brentford scored in his first game back from suspension from a free kick.

Game Eight of Ten

Sheffield United (2) v West Ham United (2)
Facts and Figures: Sheffield United had 57.4% possession and six shots on target, while West Ham United had five. Both teams scored a goal from the penalty spot.

Game Nine of Ten

Bournemouth (0) v Liverpool (4)
Facts and Figures: Liverpool had 60.8% possession and seven shots on target, compared with Bournemouth who had one. Liverpool played some good football and were clinical in the final third.

Game Ten of Ten

Brighton and Hove Albion (0) v Wolverhampton Wanderers (0)
Facts and Figures: Brighton and Hove Albion had 71.8% possession and four shots on target, while Wolverhampton Wanderers had three.

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