Premier League Preview- Matchweek 17 (Season 2021/22)

Predictions- Matchweek 17 (Predicted result for each game in Brackets)

Brentford v Manchester United- Game Postponed
Norwich City v Aston Villa- (Norwich City)
Manchester City v Leeds United- (Leeds United)
Brighton and Hove Albion v Wolves- (Wolves)
Burnley v Watford- (Watford)
Crystal Palace v Southampton- (Crystal Palace)
Arsenal v West Ham- (West Ham)
Leicester City v Tottenham- (Tottenham)
Chelsea v Everton- (Everton)
Liverpool v Newcastle United- (Liverpool)

Wednesday Game One of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 15/12/2021)

Brentford v Manchester United (Game Postponed)

Wednesday Game Two of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 15/12/2021)

Norwich City v Aston Villa
Norwich City could win this game as their coach recently coached Aston Villa and should know the players strengths and weaknesses.
Norwich City Game Changer: Teemu Pukki
Aston Villa Game Changer: Ollie Watkins
My Prediction: Norwich City

Wednesday Game Three of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 15/12/2021)

Manchester City v Leeds United
Leeds United have a chance to win this game based on their performance in Matchweek 16, that’s despite the fact they didn’t claim a point against Chelsea.
Manchester City Game Changer: Kyle Walker
Leeds United Game Changer: Jack Harrison
My Prediction: Leeds United

Thursday Game Four of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 16/12/2021)

Brighton and Hove Albion v Wolves
Wolves should win this game if they can replicated the character they displayed in Matchweek 16 against Manchester City, even though they lost.
Brighton and Hove Albion Game Changer: Neal Maupay

Thursday Game Five of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 16/12/2021)

Burnley v Watford
Watford should have too many attacking threats going forward for Burnley.
Burnley Game Changer: Nick Pope
Watford Game Changer: Joshua King
My Prediction: Watford

Thursday Game Six of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 16/12/2021)

Crystal Palace v Southampton
Crystal Palace should win this game after the manner in which they played in Matchweek 16.Crystal Palace Game Changer: Conor Gallagher
Southampton Game Changer: Valentino Livramento
My Prediction: Crystal Palace

Thursday Game Seven of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 16/12/2021)

Arsenal v West Ham
This is a tough game to predict a winner, but expect West Ham to be slightly too good.
Arsenal Game Changer: Aaron Ramsdale
West Ham Game Changer: Jarrod Bowen
My Prediction: West Ham

Friday Game Eight of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 17/12/2021)

Leicester City v Tottenham
Tottenham should win this game, as they had a game postponed in Matchweek 16, all be it due to Covid.
Leicester City Game Changer: James Maddison
Tottenham Game Changer: Hugo Lloris
My Prediction: Tottenham

Friday Game Nine of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 17/12/2021)

Chelsea v Everton
Everton have a great chance to cause an upset, as they have nothing to lose as the majority of people expect Chelsea to win this game.
Chelsea Game Changer: Marcos Alonso
Everton Game Changer: Abdoulaye Doucouré
My Prediction: Everton

Friday Game Ten of Matchweek 17- (Perth Time- 17/12/2021)

Liverpool v Newcastle United
Liverpool will want to be more clinical than they were in Matchweek 16 and have a comprehensive win against Newcastle United
Liverpool Game Changer: Andrew Robertson
Newcastle United Game Changer: None
My Prediction: Liverpool



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