Football is the ‘Sleeping Giant’ in Australia, but still has some work to do!

Football in Australia (In a Nutshell)

  • There are many reasons why football can go to the next level and become embedded into Australian culture as a permanent part of our lives.
  • Without enough of the next generation being interested in pursuing football, there needs to be something altered.
  • It starts at the top; James Johnson, the CEO of Football Australia (FFA) has done a good job at getting sponsors. and we have a good coach for the Matildas, plus the A-League men’s is a good standard; that’s why football is Australia’s ‘Sleeping’ giant.

Football in Australia (Nitty Gritty)

  • The Socceroos must have faith in our A-League Men’s players as there’s nothing wrong with the standard of the A-League; it will give them more players to choose from.
  • There’s a game a week of A-League Men’s football on free to air and at a cheap, affordable price on Paramount +.
  • It’s essential that a decision be overturned by VAR when it’s clear and obvious.

Football in Australia (What it needs to set it apart)

  • Without Promotion and Relegation there are meaningless games.
  • It will give football a point of difference to the other sports in Australia.
  • Football may be the ‘Sleeping Giant’ in Australia, but women’s sport certainly isn’t.
  • On top of that, football has so much scope for growth as the Women’s World Cup is being co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand in 2023, which is a massive feather in Australian football’s cap!
  • As nothing is perfect, there’s always room for improvement in football in Australia.

Football in Australia (Final Thoughts) 

    • By bringing in two extra teams into the A-League Men’s competition it will the league to grow even more; one team from Joondalup and another from Tasmania.
    • In the A-League, playing each other twice would allow for the competition to maintain its integrity
    • 14 teams playing 26 games each in the regular season.
    • Then there should be the top six teams on the table qualifying automatically for finals.
    • The teams that finish in seventh and eighth playing each other, with the winner qualifying for an exciting finals series.


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