Traits a Football Team should Possess in order to be Successful!


  • The aim of a football team should be to score more goals than their opposition.
  • That’s what they must have in order to be a successful team.


  • Without this trait you can’t achieve anything as a person or an organisation.
  • It means that as a team in football you have faith and confidence in yourself.
  • As a team it can mean that you can perform to your optimum level.


  • It indicates that a team is willing to take risks, which is needed in football.
  • There is a strong possibility that you have the courage to take chances.

“Creative Passion”

  • You can discover motivation from things other than football.
  • If you don’t possess a “passion” then you may as well not play football!

“Despair and Hope” 

  • It’s natural to feel “Despair” when you are losing or have a lot of injuries.
  • You must still possess “Hope” even if your team is having a tough time.



  • As a squad you need to have “Depth.”
  • Without having backup in positions it’s tougher to win competitions.
  • There must be a player that can fill in if someone is injured or out of form in the given position on the field.

“Emotional Balance” 

  • Plenty of football is played above the shoulders.
  • If you don’t maintain “Balance” in your life then you won’t succeed at anything.
  • It’s needed to have a strong character and be resilient in times of adversity as a football team if they want to achieve success.
  • “Emotional Balance” is imperative, because everyone needs to be in sync from an emotional sense; it’s a test of how you play as a team.
  • In order to perform at your best as a team “Emotional Balance” is a must!










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