Social Media (Positives and Negatives)

Social Media (In a Nutshell)

Social Media (Positives)

  • Can keep in touch with family and friends.
  • Gives a person the opportunity to network.
  • It’s possible to increase people’s knowledge on pivotal matters, as well as problems.
  • Can assist people who have social anxiety have an outlet to socialise.
  • Without social media, some people can’t express their creativity.
  • Learn about subjects that are essential for a person to know about.
  • As a result of social media, it can be a distraction from anxiety and depression
  • Improving mental health!

Social Media (Negatives)

  • It can lead to cyberbullying, which can have detrimental repercussions.
  • Can be consumed by social media and not spend much time in person with other people.
  • People may utilise social media instead of real life communication.
  • Can lead to unnecessary stress: not getting enough likes.
  • There is a risk that social media can become addictive.

Social Media (Final Thoughts)

  • It’s mostly useful as twitter, for example, can be a substitute for the news.
  • There is an opportunity for social media to be used to promote your business and/or blog.
  • For people who find it tough to socialise in person, social media is almost essential. That’s if they are able to cope with its negatives.
  • You can get rid of your account or not use it if it’s negatively impacting you.
  • The good outweighs the bad and you can decide how often you utilize it.

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