Arrogance (In a Nutshell)

  • Someone who feels unnecessarily superior to other people.
  • Losing and/or failure doesn’t come into calculations.
  • Someone who doesn’t value the people around them.
  • It’s a fine line between having a strong belief and thinking to highly of yourself.
  • No regard for other people/organisations.
  • A person that thinks that are better than those around them.
  • It’s difficult for an arrogant person to stay amicable with those around them.
  • Think that they can perform and/or conduct themselves beyond their optimum level.

Arrogance- Positives 

  • A person that isn’t afraid to have a go at a task even if it appears to be insurmountable.
  • Someone that’s generally bulletproof to external forces.
  • They are people who take more chances.
  • Generally, keeps people/organisations that they don’t want in their life out of it.
  • Arrogance is often misunderstood as someone who has unwavering belief in themselves.

Arrogance (Negatives) 

  • It’s almost inevitable that they get under other people’s skin as they find it difficult to get on with other people.
  • On the whole it’s an individual that has succeeded according to others; we live in a society that’s a superficial, image driven one.
  • It’s not possible for an arrogant person to perform to a level that they are capable of as in order to learn more and have optimum belief in oneself humility is essential.

Arrogance (Final Thoughts) 

  • We are all the same; no one is better than anyone else.
  • Arrogance shouldn’t be tolerated as it has detrimental repercussions to people and organisations.
  • Someone who needs recognition and looks for aspects of society that are deemed successful, but solely from a superficial perspective.
  • It’s unacceptable as in the long term, someone with arrogance will not be fulfilled.

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