Premier League Pecking Order – Matchweek 4 (Premier League Season 2020-21)

Premier League Pecking Order- Matchweek 4 (Premier League Season 2020/21- In a Nutshell)

The pecking order is based on the performance of the Premier League teams during Matchweek; in this case, Matchweek 4. It’s not purely based on results. There were 20 teams that played in Matchweek 4. The Premier League Pecking Order starts with the 20th team (worst performed team) on the Pecking Order and the finishes with the 1st team (best performed team) on the Pecking Order.

20- Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace finished the game with no shots on target and 29.1% possession. They lost the game against Chelsea 4-nil, but it could’ve been even worse!

19- Leicester City

Leicester City had no shots on target against West Ham United, yet Leicester City had 69.5% possession. It defies all logic that they lost 3-nil. What it does is substantiate what a meaningless stat possession can be!

18- Manchester United

Manchester United were outplayed by a Tottenham coached by their former manager! They were down to ten men for the majority of the game with Anthony Martial sent off in the 28th minute. The fact that Tottenham had 22 shots to Manchester United’s five says it all.

17- West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich would be disappointed that they didn’t follow up their 3-all draw with Chelsea in Matchweek 3 with a good performance in Matchweek 4. To be blunt, they played similarly to the manner in which they did in the second half in their game against Chelsea conceding two goals to Southampton in Matchweek 4 as they had 38.4% possession and just two shots on target.

16- Sheffield United

Sheffield United played a fairly monotonous style of game up until they were trailing two goals to nil in the second half. They came to life and nearly salvaged a draw. They played poorly, but they did negate the influence of Arsenal’s attacking weapons.

 15- Arsenal

Arsenal would be regretting the manner in which they played in Matchweek 4 against Sheffield United. Despite having 64.5% possession and five shots on target they nearly squandered two of the three points that they acquired.

14- Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton and Hove Albion scored from two of the three shots they had on target with the second goal a consolation goal. They did manage to have 56.6% possession, but that stat was meaningless as they lost 4-2.

13- Manchester City

Manchester City only conceded Leeds United’s solitary goal of the game due to a mistake by Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson. On the other hand, after conceding that goal Manchester City have Ederson to thank for claiming a point! He made some magnificent saves!

12- Burnley

Burnley weren’t bad as they had 52.3% possession and a total of seven shots to Newcastle United’s ten shots. In the end the score was 3-1 in Newcastle United’s favour due to the individual brilliance of Callum Wilson. That’s what a good standard the Premier League was from an attacking sense; Callum Wilson failed to make the Premier League Matchweek 4 Team of the Week!

11- Fulham

Fulham were competitive against a Wolves team that finished 7th in the Premier League Season 2019/20 table. The fact that Fulham had 52.9% possession is testament to them having some light at the end of the tunnel.

10- Wolves

Wolves had 47.1% possession and had five shots on target winning the game 1-all against a Fulham team that put in a respectable performance.

9- Liverpool

Liverpool had 69.8% possession and eight shots on target, but they lost to Aston Villa 7-2. It’s not all doom and gloom for Liverpool; they were without arguably their best player; Sadio Mane, their goalkeeper and their Captain was on the bench.

8- Newcastle United

Newcastle United were reasonably good; they have Callum Wilson to thank for playing to the standard that they did as he finished with a brace. The scores were level at 1-all in the 61st minute, but that all changed in the next 14 minutes thanks to Wilson!

7- Chelsea

The first half Chelsea didn’t offer much in an attacking sense; it was a game of two halves. They could have and should have won by more than four goals. Having said that they had 70.9% possession and six shots on target compared Crystal Palace who failed to register any shots on target!

6- Southampton

Southampton controlled the game against West Bromwich Albion winning the game 2-nil. What was impressive about the win was that Southampton had 61.6% possession and seven shots on target. They scored

5- Everton

Everton scored from four of the six shots they had on target, which was exactly the same stat as Chelsea had in Matchweek 4!

 4- Leeds United

Leeds United showed that they have the potential to surprise in Premier League Season 2020/21. That will be the case if they can prove their outstanding display in Matchweek 4 against Manchester City wasn’t an aberration.

3- West Ham United

West Ham United had just 30.5% possession, but they finished with six shots on target against a Leicester City team that failed to register a single shot on target. The fact that West Ham United were clinical was the impressive part with three of their six shots on target, goals!

2- Tottenham

Tottenham were brought to life following conceding the opening goal of the game in the second minute as they scored the equaliser in the fourth minute. They scored six goals from the eight shots that they had on target. They had 61.6% possession and controlled the balance of play following Manchester United’s one and only goal.

1- Aston Villa

Aston Villa had just 30.2% possession in a game that they won 7-2 against last Season’s champions! They scored from seven of the 11 shots that they had on target. It was a great debut for Ross Barkley who was loaned out by Chelsea. The standard of football was extremely high in Matchweek 4, which can be substantiated by Ross Barkley missing out on the Team of the Week.

Premier League Pecking Order- Matchweek 4 (Premier League Season 2020/21- Final Thoughts)

It was an entertaining Matchweek 4 of the Premier League, which can be substantiated by the Pecking Order. There was a total of 41 goals. It was a Matchweek where a team that had a draw, in Leeds United finished 4th on the Pecking Order. For the second Matchweek in a row, by pure coincidence Manchester United finished 18th. They weren’t last even though they lost 6-1! That sums the Pecking Order up and the unpredictability and subjectiveness of it!



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