Who Should Select the Players in a Football Team

Selection of Players in Football (In a Nutshell)

  • The entire squad should be in the fray to be selected.
  • When the team is winning then that doesn’t necessarily mean changes shouldn’t be made.
  • The performance of a player is more important than winning; it’s about building a culture.
  • Endeavour when given the opportunity to play should be a factor.
  • Training form should come into account; practice makes perfect.
  • The Board should have a say in team selection as they control the finances etc.
  • The Director of Football and Coaches should decide.

Why the Board Should Have a Say 

  • The role of the board is imperative in deciding whether to sign a player or release them.
  • They shouldn’t be the only people involved as their primary role is to ensure the club survives financially.
  • A football club can have the best players in the world, both in talent and endeavour and fold if they aren’t financially viable.
  • The board is effectively with the exception of the owner the group of leaders that run the club; that’s their primary role.
  • Player selection isn’t solely their decision.

Why the Director of Football Should be Involved

  • The role of the Director of Football is to help select a squad of players.
  • They should have knowledge of the tactics and the style of play the Coach wants to play.
  • Since they select a lot of the squad, they should have some knowledge of finances.
  • Their role is to assist in selecting the team, to take the pressure off the Coach.
  • Without a Director of Football its tough for a professional football team to survive.

Why the Coach Needs to Have an Influence on Team Selection, but not the Whole Say!

  • The players selected need to be able to play the system that the Coach wants to implement and the game plan that the Coach has devised.
  • They are the one who works with the players every day and therefore should have some input.
  • It’s imperative that the Coach needs to adapt to be able to Coach any character whether they like the players or they don’t believe in their ability.

 Selection of Players in Football (Final Thoughts)

  • The Board need to have say from a financial perspective.
  • The Coach should have a say as it’s important they believe in the players ability to play the given role that they are chosen to play.
  • Team selection should be a balance between the three parties; the Board, the Director of Football and the Coach.
  • Ultimately the Coach should have the most say as they are in the firing line!

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