AFL Round 5 Preview (Season 2020)

My Predictions- AFL Round 5, Season 2020 (Predicted winner for each game in Brackets)

Carlton v (St Kilda)
Collingwood v (Essendon)
(West Coast) v Sydney Swans
Geelong v (Gold Coast)
Western Bulldogs v (North Melbourne)
(Brisbane) v Port Adelaide
(Adelaide) v Fremantle
(Melbourne) v Richmond
(Giants) v Hawthorn

My choice of a definite winner for this Round: Gold Coast v Geelong (Gold Coast to win)

Toughest game to pick a winner in: Adelaide v Fremantle (Adelaide to win)

Thursday Night Game

Carlton v St Kilda
This was a fairly difficult game to pick a winner in. Both teams will be wanting a win as they both have 2 wins and 2 losses. This game could well decide which team gains momentum and plays finals football.
Key matchup: Marc Pittonet v Rowan Marshall
Carlton Game Changer: Sam Docherty
St Kilda Game Changer: Jack Billings
My Prediction: St Kilda

Friday Night Game

Collingwood v Essendon
This is a game that is an interesting one to analyse. Collingwood lost to the Giants in Round 4, while Essendon lost to Carlton. Both Collingwood and Essendon lost their respective games by under a goal. Expect Essendon to be too good for a Collingwood team missing Jeremy Howe.
Key matchup: Taylor Adams v Andrew McGrath
Collingwood Game Changer: Tom Phillips
Essendon Game Changer: Kyle Langford
My Prediction: Essendon

Saturday Afternoon Game

West Coast v Sydney Swans
Both teams come into this game struggling for form. That should motivate them to play the footy that they are capable of playing when performing at their optimum level respectively. Expect West Coast to win this game as Sydney’s performance in Round 4 will be proven that it’s not an aberration in Round 5.
Key matchup: Andrew Gaff v Jordan Dawson
West Coast Game Changer: Jamie Cripps
Sydney Game Changer: Tom Papley
My Prediction: West Coast

Saturday Evening Game (Melbourne Time)

Geelong v Gold Coast
The 2 teams competing in this game were both successful in their respective games in Round 4. It appears as if Gold Coast are in outstanding form as they have won their last 3 games, so expect them to keep that form up in Round 5.
Key matchup: Sam Menegola v Lachie Weller
Geelong Game Changer: Brandan Parfitt
Gold Coast Game Changer: Jarrod Witts
My Prediction: Gold Coast

Saturday Night Games

Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne
North Melbourne can carry their last quarter form from Round 4 into this game.
Key matchup: Tom Liberatore v Shaun Higgins
Western Bulldogs Game Changer: Jack Macrae
North Melbourne Game Changer: Shaun Higgins
My Prediction: Essendon

Brisbane v Port Adelaide
Brisbane should win this game in what should be the game of the Round. Both teams have a combined total of 1 loss from 8 games!
Key matchup: Lachie Neale v Travis Boak
Brisbane Changer: Lincoln McCarthy
Port Adelaide Game Changer: Karl Amon
My Prediction: Brisbane

Sunday Afternoon Games

Adelaide v Fremantle
Both teams have lost all 4 games they have played in this Season respectively.
Key matchup: Tom Lynch v Luke Ryan
Adelaide Game Changer: Tom Lynch
Fremantle Game Changer: Darcy Tucker
My Prediction: Adelaide

Melbourne v Richmond
Melbourne have a good opportunity to get their 2nd win of AFL Season 2020 against a Richmond team that’s out of form.
Key matchup: Adam Tomlinson v Josh Caddy
Melbourne Game Changer: Aaron vandenBerg
Richmond Game Changer: Kane Lambert
My Prediction: Melbourne

Sunday Night Game

Giants v Hawthorn
The Giants will want to prove that are a team that have the potential to make the top 8 in AFL Season 2020
Key matchup: Josh Kelly v Isaac Smith
Giants Game Changer: Jacob Hopper
Hawthorn Game Changer: Tom Mitchell
My Prediction: Giants

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