What Makes Sport so Important?

Sports (In a Nutshell)

  • Sport can help you make new friends.
  • It can have a big influence on a person’s physical and/or mental wellbeing.
  • There are many positives in sport; generally, people who participate in sport are resilient and have a good self-esteem. It helps build confidence.
  • Team sports teach people to trust each other, which can help a person socially.
  • It teaches people that perfection is impossible to obtain.
  • A person can learn about belief in yourself and to have respect for your fellow human being.

Results (In a Nutshell)

  • An outcome, which in sport is generally the final score.
  • A result in sport is whether the scoreboard says a person/team has won, lost or drawn.
  • It’s up to the individual/team to decide if the result, process or performance is important.
  • The fact that Leicester City won the 2015/16 Premier League Season shows that results do matter to some extent, unfortunately. Leicester City were 5000/1 to win the Premier League at one stage, which is inspiring.

It’s about the Process (Why it’s not all about Winning)

  • As long as a person/team performs to an optimum level they can’t be disappointed.
  • It teaches you to adapt; if a player gets injured in a team sport the system and game plan implemented may need to be tweaked.
  • Participating should be enough satisfaction as sport can be considered therapeutic.
  • There should be no deviation as far as becoming arrogant or despondent is concerned based on the final result, even though it’s only natural it can have an influence.

Sports (Final Thoughts)

  • Sport is an activity that helps bring people together.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone can succeed in sports as selection and recruitment are subjective and not every player can be chosen in a team sport.
  • The most important aspect of sport is that it’s isn’t only a person’s passion. It’s what’s associated with sport that matters; galvanising, belief, humility and courage can all arise from participating in sport.
  • It is an inspiring activity that can motivate you; either as a participant or even a fan watching on the television.

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