My Favourite 10 North Melbourne Kangaroos Players (AFL Season 2020)

10- Jack Ziebell (Utility)

Jack Ziebell retains the Captaincy for the North Melbourne Kangaroos football club for Season 2020. Ziebell is a good leader that has the capability to play up forward or in the midfield.

9- Ben Brown (Full Forward)

Ben Brown is a player that has been the North Melbourne Kangaroos leading goal kicker 4 years in a row.

8- Jamie Macmillan (Utility)

Jamie Macmillan generally plays in a back pocket. Macmillan plays his role for the team and is an extremely humble character. He is capable of being more well renowned if he can live up to his potential.

7- Todd Goldstein (Ruckman)

Todd Goldstein is still the North Melbourne Kangaroos number 1 ruckman. Goldstein is a quality person that leads by example.

6- Jy Simpkin (Utility)

If Round 1 of Season 2020 is a sign of things to come for Jy Simpkin, then the future looks bright for him. Simpkin showed that he has the potential to be a highly respected player and what his capable of. He just needs to build his belief and string a few good games together.

5- Nick Larkey (Forward)

Nick Larkey is a player with so much potential. Larkey can be highly respected as a player if he wants to. It’s his decision, as he has the ability and appears to have his feet on the ground.

4- Jed Anderson (Utility)

Jed Anderson is a player that has plenty of potential as a player. Anderson just has to live up to that potential. The balls in Anderson’s court so to speak as he can become renowned as a quality AFL player.

3- Shaun Higgins (Utility)

Shaun Higgins is a pivotal part of the North Melbourne Kangaroos team. Higgins has the capability to play on a half forward flank or through the midfield. His versatility is an asset for the Kangaroos.

2- Robbie Tarrant (Key Defender)

Robbie Tarrant is the North Melbourne Kangaroos most important arguably. Like Cunnington, he goes about his role with little fuss and simply concentrates on playing his role for the team.

1- Ben Cunnington (Midfielder)

Ben Cunnington is a player that featured in the 2019 AFL All Australian initial squad of 40. Cunnington is an extremely good player, yet he keeps his feet on the ground.

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