My Favourite 10 Essendon Bombers Players (AFL Season 2020)

10- Jake Stringer (Forward)

Jake Stringer will be an important part of the Essendon Bombers forward line based on Season 2019 where he was the leading goal scorer with 33 goals, despite missing 4 games through injury.

9- Devon Smith (Utility)

Devon Smith has been added to the Essendon Bombers leadership group for Season 2020. Smith is a player that only managed to play 7 games in 2019 due to injury, but hopefully that will change in Season 2020 so he can live up to his potential.

8- Aaron Francis (Utility)

Aaron Francis is an underrated part of the Essendon Bombers who just needs to string a few good games together to show what sort of player he is capable of being. Francis is a player that only played 5 games in 2019, but expect that to change in Season 2020, where he will probably feature more prominently in defence.

7- David Zaharakis (Midfielder)

David Zaharakis averaged an impressive 25.65 disposals in the 17 games that he played in. Hopefully, Zaharakis can stay injury free in Season 2020. He has retained his position on the Essendon Bombers leadership group for Season 2020, which shows what sort of a character he is.

6- Andrew Mcgrath (Midfielder)

Andrew McGrath has the capability to take his game to the next level in AFL Season 2020. McGrath managed to finish 6th in the Essendon Bombers best and fairest, despite missing 3 games. He is a player that deserves more recognition than he gets; if his performance can match his ability then that won’t be the case for long. He showed in Round 1 of Season 2020 that he has the capability to improve if he is given more time to play in the midfield.

5- Jacob Townsend (Forward Pocket)

Jacob Townsend was delisted from the Richmond Tigers in the 2019 Season, but if Round 1 of AFL Season 2020 is any indication, the Tigers made a mistake. Townsend was a Premiership player for the Tigers in 2017. He kicked 3 goals in Round 1 of Season 2020 and was probably the difference between the 2 teams against the Fremantle Dockers in what was a tight, low scoring contest. Hopefully, Townsend’s pDerformance was the start of a trend and not an aberration.

4- Darcy Parish (Utility)

Darcy Parish finished 9th in the 2019 Essendon Bombers best and fairest. Despite featuring in only 15 of the 23 games that the Bombers played in 2019 Parish still finished in the top 10 of the Bombers best and fairest.

3- Kyle Langford (Wing)

Kyle Langford is a player that has plenty of ability; Langford just needs to be given the opportunity to string a few games together and he will get some recognition. He proved that in Round 1 when he was named in the best players for the Esssendon Bombers on the AFL website.

2- Michael Hurley (Full Back)

Michael Hurley always gives the same level of endeavour every game; Hurley has the potential to become an elite key defender if he stays injury free. He is a quality character that’s why he retains his position in the leadership group. He also has the ability to create run out of defence averaging 21.7 disposals in 20 games in Season 2019.

1- Zach Merrett (Midfielder)

Zach Merrett should have been at the very least in the initial squad of 40 for the 2019 AFL All Australian team. Merrett is a consistent performer and a good character; although he was omitted from the 2020 Essendon Bombers leadership group, it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need a title next to his name; he leads by example.



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