My Favourite 10 Collingwood Magpies Players (AFL Season 2020)

10- Steele Sidebottom (Midfielder)

Steele Sidebottom is a play that doesn’t get the recognition he deserves as he is a quality player.

9- Callum L. Brown (Half Forward Flank)

Callum L. Brown is going to be an outstanding player, having already shown glimpses of his talent.

8- Chris Mayne (Wing)

Mayne has improved as a player since he changed from being a forward to playing on the wing. Mayne happens to be an extremely humble character.

7- Brayden Maynard (Half Back Flank)

Brayden Maynard is a player that is probably unheralded outside of the Collingwood footy club. Maynard managed to finish 6th in the 2019 AFL best and fairest.

6- Scott Pendlebury (Midfielder)

Scott Pendlebury is a player that will be remembered as 1 of the great leaders and Captains of the modern era.

5- Taylor Adams (Midfielder)

Taylor Adams is a player that showed what he is capable of in Round 1 of the 2020 Season with an outstanding game. Hopefully, Adams performance is the start of a trend and not an aberration.

4- Jack Crisp (Back Pocket)

Jack Crisp is a player that I have great respect for; he plays his role with little fuss. Even though Crisp in 1 of the best players in the team he has managed to keep his feet on the ground.

3- Adam Treloar (Midfielder)

Adam Treloar is a good player that can be substantiated by being a part of the initial 2019 AFL All Australian squad of 40. Treloar is a player that has finally got the recognition he deserves by being a part of that squad.

2- Will Hoskin-Elliott (Utility)

Will Hoskin-Elliott is a player with plenty of talent and is a quality character. Hoskin-Elliot just needs to improve on that ability by playing well on a more consistent basis.

1- Tom Phillips (Wing)

Tom Phillips is a quality player that has a lot of ability and still keeps his feet on the ground. Phillips is an underrated part of the Collingwood team and an important element of the jigsaw puzzle so to speak.



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