There should be A lot to Discuss with Round 21 of the A-League a Split Round!

A-League Round 21 My Preview

Round 21 is a split round with the Round being played over 2 weekends instead of 1 weekend. All of the games are difficult to pick a winner with it tough to choose a game that has a definitive winner in it.

My Choice of a definite winner for this Round: Reds

Friday March 1st

Sky Blues v Reds
The Reds should be too strong for the Sky Blues in this game with the Reds looking to secure a top 4 finish. An interesting thing to note is that Ben Warland of the Sky Blues and George Blackwood of the Reds will be playing against their former teams.
Sky Blues Game Changer: Andrew Redmayne
Reds Game Changer: George Blackwood
My Prediction: Reds

Saturday March 2nd

Victory v Jets
The Jets must win this game to keep their hopes of a top 6 finish alive and with that the opportunity to play in the finals.
Victory Game Changer: Kosta Barbarouses
Jets Game Changer: Matthew Ridenton
My Prediction: Jets

Sunday March 3rd

City v Glory
If City lose this game which they could well do there is a chance that they could miss the finals this season, which would be a disaster.
City Game Changer: Jamie Maclaren
Glory Game Changer: Chris Ikonomidis
My Prediction: Glory

Friday March 8th

Roar v Wanderers
This would be a morale boosting win for either of these teams as they will look to have something to take into preseason, alomng with that there are players that are playing for contracts.
Roar Game Changer: Eric Bautheac
Wanderers Game Changer: Keanu Baccus
My Prediction: Wanderers

Saturday March 9th

Mariners v Phoenix
Both of these teams are coming off poor performances, although the Mariners did manage to score 3 goals despite losing the game. This could be an interesting game with both teams in need of a win for different reasons; the Mariners for morale and the Phoenix to get closer to ensuring a top 6 finish.
Mariners Game Changer: Andrew Hoole
Phoenix Changer: Alex Rufer
My Prediction: Mariners

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