The Football that was Played was Entertaining! The Results came as a Shock! The Premier League is a Great League; Game Week 24 Substantiates That!

Premier League Game Week 24 My Review (Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool)

There was plenty of unpredictability and action in the 24th game of the season with all 3 teams failing to register a win; it was extremely entertaining with 10 goals scored in the 3 games played. Find out what happened!

Manchester United v Burnley My Review

Despite having 29 shots, 9 of which were on target and nearly 3 times more possession than Burnley had, Manchester United failed to collect the 3 points on offer. They didn’t only not win the game, but were forced to fight back from 2 goals to nil. At half time the score was nil-nil; all 4 goals that were scored in the game came in the 2nd half. Manchester United showed plenty of character to come back from a 2 goal deficit late on, with Paul Pogba converting a penalty very late in the 2nd half and Victor Linderlof scoring the equalizer in stoppage time of the 2nd half so the emotions of United players would be difficult to determine, because to some extent they were lucky to come away with the game with anything.

Bournemouth v Chelsea My Review

It was a remarkable game of football; Even though Chelsea had more than double the amount of possession than Bournemouth for the entirety of the match and both teams had 7 shots on target, yet Chelsea didn’t win the game. At half time it was nil-all, with all 4 goals coming in the 2nd half and incredibly all the goals were scored by Bournemouth!

Liverpool v Leicester City My Review

Liverpool dominated the possession stats with nearly 3 times as much of the ball as Leicester, yet they had just 3 shots on target for the game. There was a goal scored very early in the contest for Sadio Mane of Liverpool. Harry Maguire equalized for Leicester in 1st half stoppage time. The score line remained at 1-all for the remainder of the match, with Liverpool failing to convert their control of possession onto the scoreboard and drop 2 points to leave the title race alive.

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