Premier League Review- Matchweek 33 (Season 2021/22)

Facts and Figures

Goals Scored: There were 37 goals in 12 matches.
Clean Sheets: Six out of 24 times a team that played kept a clean sheet.
Draws: There was one draw in 11 matches!
Matchweek 33 (In a Nutshell): In Matchweek 33 I correctly predicted seven out of 12 results. In six out of 11 matches, where a team claimed three points the winning team had less possession than their opponents! Find out what transpired in Matchweek 33.

Teams that didn’t play a game in Matchweek 33

Aston Villa, Leeds United and Wolves

Teams that are played once in Matchweek 33

Brentford, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City, Norwich City, Tottenham, Watford and West Ham

Teams that played twice in Matchweek 33

Arsenal, Brighton and Hove Albion, Burnley, Leicester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Southampton
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