Premier League Matchweek 36 Review (Season 2023/24)

Facts and Figures

Goals Scored: There were 36 goals in ten matches.
Clean Sheets: Six out of 20 teams that played kept a clean sheet.
Draws: There were two draws in ten matches.
Matchweek 36 (In a Nutshell): In four out of nine matches, where a team claimed three points the winning team had less possession than their opponent. Find out what transpired in Matchweek 36.

Game One of Ten

Luton Town (1) v Everton (1)
Facts and Figures: Luton Town had 50.1% possession and five shots on target, while Everton had three.

Game Two of Ten

Arsenal (3) v Bournemouth (0)
Facts and Figures: Arsenal had 55.3% possession and nine shots on target, while Bournemouth had two.

Game Three of Ten

Brentford (0) v Fulham (0)
Facts and Figures: Brentford had 54.1% possession. Both teams had three shots on target. Despite that, Brentford had seven shots, compared with Fulham who had 15.

Game Four of Ten

Burnley (1) v Newcastle United (4)
Facts and Figures: Newcastle United had 53.4% possession and 11 shots on target, while Burnley had five.

Game Five of Ten

Sheffield United (1) v Nottingham Forest (3)
Facts and Figures: Nottingham Forest had 45.8% possession, compared with Sheffield United who had five.

Game Six of Ten

Manchester City (5) v Wolverhampton Wanderers (1)
Facts and Figures: Manchester City had 57.9% possession and 12 shots on target, while Wolverhampton Wanderers had one.

Game Seven of Ten

Brighton and Hove Albion (1) v Aston Villa (0)
Facts and Figures: Brighton and Hove Albion had 52.5% possession and eight shots on target, compared with Aston Villa who had one.

Game Eight of Ten

Chelsea (5) v West Ham United (0)
Facts and Figures: Chelsea had 69.4% possession, while West Ham United had two. Along with that, Chelsea had 25 shots, compared with West Ham United who had 13.

Game Nine of Ten

Liverpool (4) v Tottenham Hotspur (2)
Facts and Figures: Liverpool had 44% possession and 13 shots on target, while Tottenham Hotspur had six. As well as that, Liverpool had 25 shots on target, compared with Tottenham Hotspur who had 11.

Game Ten of Ten

Crystal Palace (4) v Manchester United (0)
Facts and Figures: Crystal Palace had 42.6% possession and ten shots on target, compared with Manchester United who had two. Along with that, Crystal Palace had 18 shots, while Manchester United had seven.











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