Premier League Matchweek 28 Review (Season 2023/24)

Facts and Figures

Goals Scored: There were 30 goals in ten matches.
Clean Sheets: Three out of 20 teams that played kept a clean sheet.
Draws: There were four draws in ten matches!
Matchweek 28 (In a Nutshell): In four out of six matches, where a team claimed three points the winning team had more possession than their opponent. Find out what transpired in Matchweek 28.

Game One of Ten

Manchester United (2) v Everton (0)
Facts and Figures: Manchester United had 51.1% possession and eight shots on target, while Everton had six. Both goals scored by Manchester United were scored from the penalty spot.

Game Two of Ten

Bournemouth (2) v Sheffield United (2)
Facts and Figures: Bournemouth had 69.9% possession and 12 shots on target, compared to Sheffield United who had nine.

Game Three of Ten

Crystal Palace (1) v Luton Town (1)
Facts and Figures: Crystal Palace had 50.4% possession and four shots on target, while Luton Town had two.

Game Four of Ten

Wolverhampton Wanderers (2) v Fulham (1)
Facts and Figures: Wolverhampton Wanderers had 47.8% possession and three shots on target, compared with Fulham who had seven.

Game Five of Ten

Arsenal (2) v Brentford (1)
Facts and Figures: Arsenal had 71.5% possession and six shots on target, while Brentford had four.

Game Six of Ten

Aston Villa (0) v Tottenham Hotspur (4)
Facts and Figures: Tottenham Hotspur had 69.3% possession and five shots on target, compared with Aston Villa who had one.

Game Seven of Ten

Brighton and Hove Albion (1) v Nottingham Forest (0)
Facts and Figures: Brighton and Hove Albion had 64% possession and three shots on target, while Nottingham Forest had four.

Game Eight of Ten

West Ham United (2) v Burnley (2)
Facts and Figures: West Ham United had 51.6% possession. Both teams had four shots on target.

Game Nine of Ten

Liverpool (1) v Manchester City (1)
Facts and Figures: Liverpool had 52.8% possession. Both teams had six shots on target.

Game Ten of Ten

Chelsea (3) v Newcastle United (2)
Facts and Figures: Chelsea had 45% possession and eight shots on target, compared with Newcastle United who had three.









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