Mary Kom- Female Boxer

Mary Kom- Female Boxer (In a Nutshell)

  • Mary Kom was born in India on November 24th, 1982.
  • “You can’t walk away from responsibilities and commitments.”- Mary Kom
  • “Every medal I have won is a story of a difficult struggle.”- Mary Kom
  • “The truth is the harder you fight, the sweeter are the rewards in the end.”- Mary Kom
  • “If I can achieve success, then anyone can.”- Mary Kom

Mary Kom- Female Boxer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “Without boxing, I can’t live. I love boxing.”- Mary Kom
  • “At school, my favourite subject was social studies.”- Mary Kom
  • “When I started boxing, people laughed at me and said, ‘What can women do in boxing?’ I took it as a challenge. If men can do it, why can’t women? And I became a world champion before my marriage.”- Mary Kom
  • “If you are good at something, and especially, if people who matter tell you that you are good enough, you must follow that sport.”- Mary Kom

Mary Kom- Female Boxer (What sets her apart)

  • “The boys, they are laughing: ‘Oh, you are boxing. Very funny.’ But I always challenge when people are laughing – ‘I’ll show you one day.’ After getting five times word champion, they are all quiet. And they respect me.”- Mary Kom
  • “I had no support, no opportunity, no sponsors backing me for most of my career.”- Mary Kom
  • “Like I every other athlete, I always dreamt of playing at the Olympics, and it feels really good to see that dream materialize.”- Mary Kom

Mary Kom- Female Boxer (Final Thoughts)

  • “Looking back now, I realise that belonging to the family of a labourer actually helped to prepare my body for boxing. There were many times when my family didn’t have enough food or warm clothing to go around. All this made me physically, as well as emotionally, tough.”- Mary Kom

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