Katie Taylor- Female Boxer

Katie Taylor- Female Boxer (In a Nutshell)

  • Katie Taylor was born in Ireland on July 2nd, 1986.
  • “I tend to think year-by-year and tournament by tournament.”- Katie Taylor
  • “There’s an awful lot of pressure on me.”- Katie Taylor
  • “The Olympics is a dream of mine.”- Katie Taylor
  • “There have been a lot of challenges over the years that I have overcome.”- Katie Taylor
  • “Sport is a great way to keep fit. It’s a stress reliever.”- Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor- Female Boxer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I wouldn’t be where I am without my dad. He’s a genius.”- Katie Taylor
  • “It’s always tough to stay at the top for so long.”- Katie Taylor
  • “I want to tell girls, it’s not about make-up and how you look that’s important; you are so much more than how you look.”- Katie Taylor
  • “After I came back from London with a gold medal, my focus straight away was to defend it four years on.”- Katie Taylor
  • “I love being the favourite of every competition.”- Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor- Female Boxer (What sets her apart)

  • “The thing with professional boxing is you have to have the right promoter and the right fits. It is a cut-throat business.”- Katie Taylor
  • “I’ve had losses in my career before, and I’ve always come back stronger from those losses.”- Katie Taylor
  • “There’s a lot of people on the way up who want to take my place, so it’s up to me to continue to improve.”- Katie Taylor
  • “No world championship has been easy for me.”- Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor- Female Boxer (Final Thoughts)

  • “I do a good job of staying positive and just moving on.”- Katie Taylor
  • “I’d love to have a chance to fight in the World Series Boxing for women, but nothing has been done about that.”- Katie Taylor
  • “I want to leave a great legacy behind me and continue to win major championships.”- Katie Taylor

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