Premier League What’s your team’s story: Matchweek 28 (Season 2022-23)

AFC Bournemouth: Disappointing display

AFC Bournemouth didn’t play well as they didn’t keep the momentum up from their win against Liverpool in Matchweek 27. They would be disappointed with their performance in Matchweek 28.

Arsenal: Too good

Arsenal were simply better than Southampton as they scored four goals and appear as if they will inevitably win the Premier League.

Aston Villa: They’re getting better

Aston Villa just continue to improve. It was a danger game as they played against an AFC Bournemouth team that beat Liverpool in Matchweek 27. Aston Villa won the game comfortably.

Brentford: Two points dropped

Brentford were leading 1-nil until the 56th minute when they conceded a goal against Leicester City.

Brighton and Hove Albion: Didn’t play

Chelsea: It’s difficult to analyse them yet

Chelsea may take time to be more resilient; conceding a goal in the 89th minute, which cost them two points would be disappointing for them.

Crystal Palace: They’re in trouble

Crystal Palace lost a game comfortably and are in danger of being relegated, despite sitting 12th.

Everton: A late goal shows they’ve got character

Everton may still sit only two points above the relegation zone, but they would be over the moon with scoring a late goal to claim a draw against Chelsea.

Fulham: Didn’t play

Leeds United: A vital win

Leeds United scored four goals, but sit just two points above the relegation zone.

Leicester City: A valuable point

Leicester City claimed what proved to be a pivotal point as they sit just outside the relegation zone.

Liverpool: Didn’t play

Manchester City: Didn’t play

Manchester United: Didn’t play

Newcastle United: One player saves the day

Newcastle United would be grateful that Alexander Isak scored in stoppage time in the first and second half. They can be thankful that he was back playing.

Nottingham Forest: Shocking result

Nottingham Forest took the lead in the 26th minute. They conceded two goals after that; one came in first half stoppage time and the second was in second half stoppage time.

Southampton: They can still survive

Southampton showed character to come back from a two goal deficit. They can still avoid relegation.

Tottenham Hotspur: Not good enough

Tottenham Hotspur dropped two points, it’s as simple as that.

West Ham United: Didn’t play

Wolverhampton Wanderers: They’re aren’t out of trouble yet

Wolverhampton Wanderers sit just three points above the relegation zone, despite being 13th on the Premier League table.

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