Premier League Preview- Matchweek 37 (Season 2021/22)

Predictions- Matchweek 37 (Predicted result for each game in Brackets)

Tottenham v Burnley- (Burnley)
Aston Villa v Crystal Palace- (Aston Villa)
Leeds United v Brighton and Hove Albion- (Leeds United)
Watford v Leicester City- (Leicester City)
West Ham v Manchester City- (West Ham)
Wolves v Norwich City- (Norwich City)
Everton v Brentford- (Brentford)
Newcastle United v Arsenal- (Newcastle United)
Southampton v Liverpool- (Liverpool)
Everton v Crystal Palace- (Crystal Palace)
Aston Villa v Burnley- (Aston Villa)
Chelsea v Leicester City- (Leicester City)

Teams that aren’t playing in Matchweek 37

Manchester United

Teams that are playing once in Matchweek 37

Arsenal, Brentford, Brighton and Hove Albion, Chelsea, Leeds United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wolves

Teams that are playing twice in Matchweek 37

Aston Villa, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester City

Sunday Game One of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 15/05/2022)

Tottenham v Burnley
Burnley must win this game.
Tottenham Game Changer: Harry Kane
Burnley Game Changer: Nick Pope
My Prediction: Burnley

Sunday Game Two of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 15/05/2022)

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace will struggle to get any points out of this game.
Aston Villa Game Changer: Danny Ings
Crystal Palace Game Changer: Conor Gallagher
My Prediction: Aston Villa

Saturday Game Three of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 15/05/2022)

Leeds United v Brighton and Hove Albion
Brighton and Hove Albion could be complacent after winning 4-nil against Manchester United.
Leeds United Game Changer: Rodrigo
Brighton and Hove Albion Game Changer: Leandro Trossard
My Prediction: Leeds United

Saturday Game Four of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 15/05/2021)

Watford v Leicester City
Leicester City should win this game comfortably.
Watford Game Changer: Ben Foster
Leicester City Game Changer: Youri Tielemans
My Prediction: Leicester City

Sunday Game Five of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 15/05/2022)

West Ham v Manchester City
Manchester City face a tough task against a good team.
West Ham Game Changer: Manuel Lanzini
Manchester City Game Changer: Kevin De Bruyne
My Prediction: West Ham

Sunday Game Six of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 15/05/2022)

Wolves v Norwich City
Norwich City need a win for their morale.
Wolves Game Changer: Pedro Neto
Norwich City Game Changer: Teemu Pukki
My Prediction: Norwich City

Sunday Game Seven of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 15/05/2022)

Everton v Brentford
Brentford should be too good for Everton.
Everton Game Changer: Anthony Gordon
Brentford Game Changer: Christian Eriksen
My Prediction: Brentford

Tuesday Game Eight of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 17/05/2022)

Newcastle United v Arsenal
This is a danger game for Arsenal.
Newcastle United Game Changer: Callum Wilson
Arsenal Game Changer: Gabriel Martinelli
My Prediction: Newcastle United

Wednesday Game Nine of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 18/05/2022)

Southampton v Liverpool
Liverpool should have too much quality for their opposition.
Southampton Game Changer: Fraser Foster
Liverpool Game Changer: Mohamed Salah
My Prediction: Liverpool  

Friday Game Ten of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 20/05/2022)

Everton v Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace should win this game.
Everton Game Changer: Jordan Pickford
Crystal Palace Game Changer: Wilfried Zaha
My Prediction: Crystal Palace

Friday Game 11 of Matchweek 37- (Perth Time- 20/05/2022)

Aston Villa v Burnley
Burnley will probably lose this game.
Aston Villa Game Changer: Matty Cash
Burnley Game Changer: Maxwel Cornet
My Prediction: Aston Villa

Friday Game 12 of Matchweek 36- (Perth Time- 20/05/2022)

Chelsea v Leicester City
Leicester City could cause an upset.
Chelsea Game Changer: Marcos Alonso
Leicester City Game Changer: Kasper Schmeichel
My Prediction: Leicester City



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