Landon Donovan- Former Footballer

Landon Donovan- Former Footballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Landon Donovan was born in the United States on March 4th, 1982.
  • He was a Winger/Forward.
  • In his Youth career he played for IMG Academy.
  • In his Senior career he played for Bayer Leverkusen II, Bayern Leverkusen where he was loaned out to San Jose Earthquakes. He then played for LA Galaxy, where he was loaned out three times. Towards the end of his career, he played for León.
  • Having represented United States at four age levels is impressive.
  • He retired from football in July, 2018.

Landon Donovan- Former Footballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • “I genuinely want to do my best every day, and I genuinely want to enjoy life every day.”- Landon Donovan
  • “Life isn’t perfect, of course, but we all know it’s how you react to things that counts.”- Landon Donovan
  • “If you’ve followed my career at all, you will know that I perform best in comfortable surroundings. Though other leagues may be more enticing to other players, it’s something I’m just not interested in doing personally.”- Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan- Former Footballer (What set him apart)

  • “The advantage doesn’t come because you can run more than someone over 90 minutes. The advantage comes when, in the tenth minute, I’m sprinting back and making another guy chase me. By the end of the game, that guy’s worn down, but I can still keep going at the same pace.”- Landon Donovan

 Landon Donovan- Former Footballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “The biggest thing for me with charity is awareness. Obviously as an athlete, I have an opportunity to make people more aware. The average person doesn’t have that opportunity, so the best way is to spare money, clothing, food – something. Most of us have a little excess of something we can give.”- Landon Donovan
  • “I don’t think in terms of legacy or that kind of stuff. I’ve always thought that’ll take care of itself if I did everything right on a day-to-day basis.”- Landon Donovan

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