Ashley Young- Footballer

Ashley Young- Footballer (In a Nutshell)

  • Ashley Young was born in England on July 9th, 1985.
  • He is a Winger/Full-back.
  • During his Youth career he played for Watford.
  • In his Senior career he has played for Watford, Aston Villa, Manchester United and Inter Milan.
  • He is currently in his second stint at Aston Villa where he signed for a year beginning on July 1st for one year and an option of an extra year.
  • “I enjoy having a challenge.”- Ashley Young

Ashley Young- Footballer (Nitty Gritty)

  • Having represented England U21 and England is a good achievement.
  • “As players, we have to concentrate on what happens on the pitch, not off it.”- Ashley Young
  • “I’m just concentrating on my football. I’m not thinking about the length of my contract.”- Ashley Young
  • “It’s up to me to use my brain, be clever, find the pockets of space, and get on the ball.”- Ashley Young
  • “I want to be creative, to get on the ball, to play.”- Ashley Young

 Ashley Young- Footballer (What sets him apart)

  • “I just want to do well I every game that I’m picked to play.”- Ashley Young
  • “Different managers play different systems, and you’ve got to be able to play in different positions.”- Ashley Young
  • “Sir Alex Ferguson has been a massive influence on me.”- Ashley Young
  • “I’ve been a versatile player since I started playing football.”- Ashley Young
  • “It’s about taking the game to the opposition, always believing in yourself.”- Ashley Young
  • “I want to play every game.”- Ashley Young

Ashley Young- Footballer (Final Thoughts)

  • “Everyone has got to be prepared and ready to play when the manager calls on you.”- Ashley Young
  • “Players have to adapt nowadays, any if you have a good football brain, if you can read the game, you can manage it.”- Ashley Young

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