What set Michael Owen apart

What set Michael Owen apart (In a Nutshell)

  • Michael Owen was born in England on December 14th, 1979.
  • He was a professional footballer who played for the English national team who scored 40 goals in 89 games.
  • The position that he played was a striker.
  • Being a part of big clubs has made him a household name. He has been a part of five clubs. Those teams were Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City.
  • “I always wanted to be a top footballer since I was young.”- Michael Owen

What set Michael Owen apart (Nitty Gritty)

  • “If you have any setback in your life, like not being in the England squad was for me – any setback, like losing a family member – everyone handles it in different ways. When I first wasn’t included I was numb. I’d been the main England striker for years and years.”- Michael Owen
  • “I don’t want to pack everything into one year and then do nothing the rest of my life. I think it’s important to do things bit by bit.”- Michael Owen

What set Michael Owen apart (Lateral Thinking)

  • “I don’t feel pressure going into games.”- Michael Owen
  • “There are pitfalls in World Cups, there are players who can win penalties and players who get the slightest touch and go down holding their face or whatever and get someone sent off. There are all these little things and you’re hoping that you’re not on the wrong end of it.”- Michael Owen

What set Michael Owen apart (Final Thoughts)

  • “You’re obviously conscious of being brash or big-headed but I always knew I was going to be a footballer when I was seven or eight. I didn’t think I wanted to be one, I knew I was going to be one. Nothing ever surprised me really.”- Michael Owen


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