What Sets the Premier League Apart

What Sets the Premier League Apart (In a Nutshell)

  • The top football competition in England comprising of 20 teams.
  • At the end of the Premier League Season three teams get relegated to the English first division. Along with that, three teams get promoted from the English first division, which makes it exciting.
  • “The Premier League is one of the most difficult in the world. There’s five, six, or seven clubs that can be the champions. Only one can win, and all the others are disappointed and live in the middle of disaster.”- Jurgen Klopp (German- Coach)

What Sets the Premier League Apart (Nitty Gritty) 

  • “The Premier League is the best league, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.”- James Maddison (English- Footballer)
  • “For me the Premier League is full of quality, and the clubs competing at the top are the same who compete at the top of Europe every year.”- Carlo Ancelotti (Italian- Football Manager)
  • “The Premier league benefits from foreigners, and the game’s evolved in a way that’s beneficial, but you can’t lose the roots of the English game.”- Cesar Azpilicueta (Spanish- Footballer)

What Sets the Premier League Apart (Different schools of thought) 

  • “The Premier League and the World Cup are equally important to me.”- David Silva (Spanish- Footballer)
  • “I like the atmosphere in the Premier League. The teams play attacking football, and for a striker, that is even more attractive.”- Alexandre Lacazette (French- Footballer)
  • “Obviously there are questions when anyone comes up to the Premier League about whether they can cope.”- Ben Chilwell (English- Footballer)

What Sets the Premier League Apart (Final Thoughts)

  • “It’s true that the atmosphere here is quite different from the one in France. People live and breathe football here, and that’s what I like. Every footballer wants to play in the Premier League.”- Anthony Martial (French- Footballer)
  • “Anyone can beat anyone in the Premier League.”- Christian Eriksen (Danish- Footballer)

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