Premier League Review- Matchweek 32 (Season 2020-21)

Facts and Figures

Goals Scored: There were 27 goals in ten games, which is an average of 2.7 goals per game.
Clean Sheets: Four out of 20 times a team played they kept a clean sheet. That equates to 25% of teams that didn’t concede a goal.
Draws: There were four draws in ten matches!
Matchweek 32 (In a Nutshell): In Matchweek 32 I correctly predicted four out of ten results. In two out of six matches, the losing team had more possession than their opponents! Check out the Matchweek 32 review!

Team of the Week- Matchweek 32

There’s Team of the Week in Matchweek 32 as Crystal Palace didn’t play, while Tottenham played twice.

Saturday Morning Game (Perth Time- 17/04/2021)

Everton (2) v Tottenham (2)
Score Draw Far from a Bore
Facts and Figures: Gylfi Sigurdsson and Harry Kane both scored a brace. Everton had 52.8% possession and seven shots on target to Tottenham’s three.
Pivotal Moment: Harry Kane scored an equaliser in the 68th minute for Tottenham to make the score 2-all.
Everton Game Changer: Gylfi Sigurdsson
Tottenham Game Changer: Harry Kane

Saturday Night Game (Perth Time- 17/04/2021)

Newcastle United (3) v West Ham (2)
Newcastle United Nearly Throw Three Points Away!
Facts and Figures: Newcastle had 34.6% possession. Despite that, they had eight shots on target to West Ham’s six.
Pivotal Moment: Joseph Willock scored what proved to be the winning goal for Newcastle United. The goal was scored in the 82nd minute.
Newcastle United Game Changer: Joeliton
West Ham Game Changer: Jesse Lingard

Sunday Morning Game (Perth Time- 18/04/2021)

Wolves (1) v Sheffield United (0)
Wolves Too Good, for Sheffield United Left Thinking What Could!
Facts and Figures: Wolves had 47.5% possession. Despite that, they had five shots on target to Sheffield United’s two.
Pivotal Moment: Willian José of Wolves scored the only goal of the game in the 60th minute.
Wolves Game Changer: Connor Coady
Sheffield United Game Changer: Aaron Ramsdale

Sunday Night Games (Perth Time- 18/04/2021)

Arsenal (1) v Fulham (1)
Fulham Lose Two Points in Relegation Battle!
Facts and Figures: Arsenal had 69.5% possession and they had five shots on target to Fulham’s one!
Pivotal Moment: In the last minute of 2nd half stoppage time Eddie Nketiah scored for Arsenal. The goal meant the two teams shared the points.
Arsenal Game Changer: Eddie Nketiah
Fulham Game Changer: Alphonso Areola

Manchester United (3) v Burnley (1)
Manchester United in Top Form
Facts and Figures: Manchester United had 69.4% possession. They had nine shots on target compared with Burnley’s three.
Pivotal Moment: Mason Greenwood made the score 2-1 in Manchester United’s favour. The goal was scored in the 84th minute. It was his 2nd goal of the game.
Manchester United Game Changer: Mason Greenwood
Burnley Game Changer: James Tarkowski

Tuesday Morning Game (Perth Time- 20/04/2021)

Leeds United (1) v Liverpool (1)
All Square in Exciting Affair
Facts and Figures: Leeds United 61.9% possession. Despite that, Liverpool had seven shots on target to Leeds United’s five.
Pivotal Moment: Deigo Llorente of Leeds United made the score 1-all after 87th minute.
Leeds United Game Changer: Diego Llorente
Liverpool Game Changer: Trent Alexander-Arnold

Wednesday Morning Game (Perth Time- 21/04/2021)

Chelsea (0) v Brighton and Hove Albion (0)
Scoreless Draw a Bit of a Bore
Facts and Figures: Chelsea had 64.4% possession. They had four shots on target to Brighton and Hove Albion’s two.
Pivotal Moment: Adam Lallana should’ve scored in the 77th minute.
Chelsea Game Changer: Antonio Rudiger
Brighton and Hove Albion Game Changer: Lewis Dunk

Thursday Morning Games (Perth Time- 22/04/2021)

Tottenham (2) v Southampton (1)
Tottenham’s Top Four Hopes Still Alive!
Facts and Figures: Tottenham had 61.9% possession. Despite that, Southampton had five shots on target to Tottenham’s three.
Pivotal Moment: Son Heung-Min of Tottenham scored from the penalty spot in the 90th minute. The goal gave Tottenham a 2-1 lead.
Tottenham Game Changer: Son Heung-Min
Southampton Game Changer: Danny Ings

Aston Villa (1) v Manchester City (2)
Manchester City Leave Villa Thinking What a Pity!
Facts and Figures: Both teams were down to ten men; Manchester City in the 44th minute and Tottenham in the 57th minute. Manchester City had 72.2% possession. Both teams had three shots on target.
Pivotal Moment: Phil Foden of Manchester City scored the equaliser in the 22nd minute.
Aston Villa Game Changer: Ollie Watkins
Manchester City Game Changer: Phil Foden

Friday Morning Game (Perth Time- 23/04/2021)

Leicester City (3) v West Brom (0)
Leicester City Win a One Sided Affair
Facts and Figures: Leicester City had 72.7% possession. They had seven shots on target to West Brom’s one. West Brom face a tough task to avoid relegation following their display against Leicester City.
Pivotal Moment: Jamie Vardy opened the scoring in the 23rd minute.
Leicester City Game Changer: Jamie Vardy
West Brom Game Changer: None


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