Traits a Test Cricket Team should Possess in order to be Successful!


  • This trait requires reliability.
  • Every player must fulfill their role to an optimum level.
  • Everyone must be on the same page; the 11 players should all be trustworthy. That’s in reference to them knowing the game plan that the Coach wants to implement.

“Dull Isn’t Boring”

  • Being predictable to each of your teammates is pivotal for a Test Cricket Team.
  • The game plan put in place must be able to be understandable to every player in the 11.



  • Have to deal with adversity.
  • The capacity to do something that worries you.
  • It’s needed when a team and/or player when times become tough, which is essential in Test Cricket.

“Growth and Harmony”

  • The team has to get better as Test Cricket is extremely challenging.
  • If a team doesn’t mature in the longer format they won’t succeed.
  • Development is essential in order to achieve success.
  • Everyone needs to be on the same page.
  • The team can have disagreements, but they shouldn’t bare grudges.
  • It’s a necessity that the team have discussions, but they need to meet half way.

“Intense Determination”

  • They need to have strong commitment to the game plan.
  • Test Cricket requires 11 players that has complete dedication to play their role for the team.
  • The Team must be determined to play their role within the unit, as a whole.

“Keep it Simple” 

  • It means that instructions must be kept to the point.
  • Simplify everything that’s required for a Test Cricket Team to function as a unit, effectively.
  • Do the majority of the things that make you content.
  • Have the ability that’s adequate to put up with any situation.

“Lateral Gut Feel”

  • In the longer form of Cricket, a team must think outside the box.
  • Having tactics that may be perceived as unconventional.
  • A Coach and Captain must be sure of their tactics.
  • The Team as a whole must use their intuition.

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