Traits a T20 and One Day Cricket Team should Possess in order to be Successful!

“Organised Chaos”

  • The shorter formats of cricket should be all about attacking when either batting or bowling.
  • Is it better to risk to lose the game by more than to lose by less, but not take risks?
  • “Organised Chaos” means that a team should attack in a systematic fashion.


  • The game should be all out attack.
  • There’s no place for being defensive when cricket is played in the shortened format.
  • The biggest problem can be to take no risk at all.

“Powerful Ambition”

  • A team must play with domination of the game in mind.
  • Without “Ambition” nothing can be achieved in shorter formats of cricket.
  • If you are looking to achieve something robustly then a team will be inspirational.

“Random Improvisation”

  • There should be a plan, but “Random Improvisation” is imperative.
  • It will keep the opposing team guessing; what will the team do next.
  • The “Random Improvisation” may be as simple as a change in the field, bowling and batting order.
  • An example would be; a spinner could open the bowling if the Captain believes that should be the case.
  • A pinch hitter could open the batting.
  • The field changes may bring about success; it could as simple as having less fielders on the boundary.

“Simply Abstract”

  • To be successful in the shorter forms of cricket a Captain has to think laterally.
  • There should be many different plans in place.
  • Only one of the tactics has to succeed in order for it to be worth implementing.

 “Tinge of Hope”

  • The game has to be mathematically possible to win for there to be a “Tinge of Hope.”
  • If there’s still a chance of success then the team must stay positive.


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