Why Success isn’t always Good and Failure isn’t only Bad!

Why Success is an Abstract Concept 

  • It has different definitions, because people perceive it to have contrasting meanings.
  • In sport success is wrongly considered to be winning the most and/or having the most money.
  • With regards to the corporate/business world, the person that has the most money is considered the most successful. Another aspect is someone who has the job with the highest status is perceived as the most successful.

“Good Luck”

  • A lot of times success and failure can be determined by “Luck.” “Good Luck” is a big part of why someone is deemed a success or not.

Why Failure Shouldn’t be Defined by Society’s Definition of it

  • Losing is considered as being a failure regardless of the circumstances, predominantly, in the sport industry.
  • In the corporate/business world the person who earns the least money. A big part of being wrongly perceived as a failure is the someone in a job with the least status.
  • The maximum a person/organisation can do is perform to an optimum level.

The Pitfall of Success

The Nitty Gritty of Failure

  • Failure; losing, can force a sporting team to make changes to their administration. Other alterations that could be made may be their coach and/or playing roster.
  • When a person fails at something, they can more motivated to succeed next time. It can also put things in perspective.
  • Failure can make a person resilient in times of adversity.




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