Is Sport as Galvanising as it should be


  • The win at all costs mentality has infiltrated its way into the sporting industry.
  • The sports industry has a myriad of facades to it.
  • The existence of owners, coaches and players can be traced predominantly to the results they achieve.
  • From a junior the result of the game should be inconsequential. It should be enjoyed for what it is irrespective of the result obtained.
  • There’s only one winner, one champion. If a team or individual performs to their maximum then that’s all that should be expected of them.

‘Loyalty’ has Gone out the Window

  • Many sportsmen view their respective sport from a purely financial perspective.
  • ‘Loyalty’ is virtually non-existent; sportsmen have to plan financially for the future.
  • Many professional relationships should be built around trust and transparency.
  • If you are loyal then there may be more long-term success than there is in the short term; patience is needed in these scenarios.
  • ‘Loyalty’ may lead to your son playing for the same sporting team as you, if you stick with the same organization and make short term sacrifices.

What Broadcast Deals Really Mean

  • Spectators have changed the way that they view the game.
  • People used to watch sport with others at the game, but now with technology, ironically there is more isolation.
  • The advancement in technology has meant the notion that ‘money talks’ rings true when people think about the sporting industry.
  • We live in a society that’s fast paced. That’s a trademark of ‘generation y.’ whom are obsessed with technology.

Why Winning Shouldn’t be Everything

  • Sport has many variables; They range from weather to injures and the morale of the athlete. The repercussions of off field indiscretions on a professional athlete.
  • The media now feel that they have a right to intrude into the private lives of professional athletes.
  • Success in sport is associated with winning. Winning shouldn’t be everything as it’s difficult to think of anything else in life that has as much precariousness than sport.
  • For some reason winning is probably the best advertising an organization or sportsman can have; why? Money!

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