What’s the Life of an Only Child Like?

Only Child (In a Nutshell)

  • A person that has no brothers or sisters.
  • Parents can put all their energy into bringing up their only child.
  • They are wrongly viewed stereotypically as being spoilt by their parents.
  • It’s obviously cheaper financially to have only one child as opposed to two or more.
  • Can mean that a person is more independent, which can be an advantage.
  • Analyse yourself more effectively.
  • Emphasise your strengths more.

Only Child (Positives)

Only Child (Negatives)

  • Can become lonely and go through tough times, because of that.
  • Despite generally having a good sense of self, can tend to be self opinionated and put pressure on yourself to succeed; no sibling to lean on for advice.
  • More likely to be spoilt, theoretically, as they are the only child.

Only Child (Final Thoughts)

  • Ironically, it may be that they are more disciplined; they are taught to tackle life by sticking to specific guidelines.
  • Know how to pass the time; more likely to find hobbies like sport, art and music.
  • They realise that there is nothing wrong with being independent and/or introverted.
  • May have strong opinions!
  • If someone doesn’t have siblings, they are possibly more likely to realise you only need to be happy within yourself, first and foremost.

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